August 8, 2022

Fall Family Photos – Why book fall family Photos?

August is here, and for most families, this means back to school for our children, let’s reflect on how

much they have grown during the summer!

There is so much changing over to fall, from m pumping spice candles to Halloween decorations to beautiful fall decor at Hobby Lobby. Like seriously, you walk into any store, and the smell of cinnamon hits you. There is even a slight breeze outside. Ok, not yet, as it is still August, but to be honest, I know time will fly by, and you wish that you had booked your session sooner.

Fall family photos are the best way to upgrade your family photos and even get your Christmas card photos done.

Fall Family Portraits

Here are Five reasons why you should 100% book your Fall Family photos:

1. It will be cooling down soon; we don’t have to worry about frizzy hair, bugs, and sweaty shirts. I like to say Fall weather is the best weather

2. Clothing, we can do layers I know we love layers

3. The colors! Seriously who doesn’t love fall colors

4. Sunset hour will not interfere with bedtime, yay! I know this one is huge for my family

5. Golden tones/light fall golden hour is just beautiful. It is genuinely golden and warm, and I love it

Raleigh, North Carolina Family Photography

Lluvia Phillips Photo is now offering Fall family sessions; fall family photo sessions will take place in the Raleigh area and surroundings. Family Photography sessions are designed for immediate family members.. $398 session deposit is due at the time of booking rest is expected before the session.

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